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 Massage and Warm Down


You should always end each workout with a gentle massage and hot towel warm-down. Applying heat and massage to the penis optimizes healing and rebuilding of your cell tissue.

Heat restores any nerve and sensitivity problems you may have incurred during your enlargement exercises and promotes faster regrowth of tissue cells.



 Gentle Massage


After your workout, gently massage your penis for 1 minute. If you prefer, you can do this with a herbal cream, which is available for both sexes.


A soft, circular motion with your forefinger and middle finger along the base and shaft of the penis works best. Remember, your penis has just been through a strenuous workout so be gentle and soothing.



 Warm Down


After your massage, apply another hot towel as you did with warm up.


The penis enlargement warm down is just as important as the penis enlargement warm up. This heat application will keep the blood held within your penis and stimulate the damaged parts, restarting them to function better.




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