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 Penis Enlargement Pills Reviews - VigRX Plus


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18-Mar-2007 03:22:44 PM





I am 21 years old, my cock is 6" came across this site to increase size. I had 2 gf who never complained about my cock and always had orgasm, they really enjoyed it. The problem is I never felt like a man there, It just didnt look as I was strong and big like I wanted to. I just found this site last month and allready have some improvement in girth and length size. my cock is really stretchable, so I think it helps me to gain extras faster (not sure). I ordered VigRX Plus packet 3 weeks ago and already see some gains. Hope after 3 months my cock will be like 8-9" I'll feel more secure in bed and finally enjoy having sex. I believe bigger cock will change my life!



09-Jan-2007 08:15:32 PM


I have read a lot of stuff before trying VigRX Plus, it was rated the highest on the internet boards as well as in a few magazines so I said why not. I'm not small but I'm not big. Well, it made a difference - I gained over an inch in three months.



22-Dec-2006 03:20:47 AM


Iíve been using VigRX Plus for just 2 months now, and Iíve increased my length almost 1 inch. They have helped me give a little extra to the love of my life.



23-Oct-2006 01:08:42 PM


I've tried several, this product is the most effective by far!



19-May-2006 08:25:52 PM



All my life I have never wanted to be average. I have a wife that is pretty and not just average. I have a terrific job and make more than average pay plus I drive a $50,000 sports car. I am not bragging , I am just saying the only thing in my life was a very average penis. Now that has changed. I took these pills and I am now a very hard 8 inches and that's not average



12-Jan-2006 07:28:28 AM



This pill really works. I am now a harder 7.5 inches which makes me feel good about myself. Beside wanting to be bigger I always got soft to soon. Now that doesn't happen anymore. I'm hard like a rock from start to finish. I don't stop until my girlfriend say's I am terrific and cums right along with me.



26-Nov-2005 05:46:34 PM


Using these pills for 2 months or so so far but donít notice any gain in my length, just a slight increase in girth. But I buy them for the length not the girth. My girl want mine longer, not bigger.



18-Sep-2005 02:44:18 AM



I used VigRX Plus for 2 months, along with jelqing with the Ultimate Jelq and gained 3/4 inch in girth and 1/4 inch in length. Was it the VigRX Plus, or the jelqing that provided my gains? I don't know. But I think that it was the combination of both. I could tell within a week that I was heavier and fuller just from the VigRX Plus. Then when I added my jelqing routine, I grew bigger pretty quickly.



22-Jul-2005 11:57:49 PM



I decided to try it with VigRX Plus. After one week, I began to get more intense erections. I'm in my eighth week now, and I'm  putting on some size. I've gained over half an inch and I hope it is still growing.



12-May-2005 04:45:08 PM


The first two months taking the pills, I really didn't see any gain. However, around the middle of the third month I saw some changes I think I gained about 0.5 inches in length just within that month



05-Mar-2005 09:40:16 PM


Been 8 weeks and my girl hadnt seen me in a while. she went to give me some head and had to ask if it was bigger. she had to open her mouth wider than normal. her jaws got tired quicker. and when we fu***d she let out some of the biggest moans and had a real hard orgasm. this stuff works! right on dudes




02:55:32 PM 


I switched to SizePro from Vigrx Plus and were disappointed because it has very little results for me. Vigrx Plus is still the best penis enlargement pill on the market, in my opinion.



07-Jan-2005 01:10:54 PM


wow!!! was i amazed at the size of my cock after taking this pill for 4 months i went from a pitty 4 inches to a wooping 5 1/2. my girlfriend is trill to see it now. were actually having sex more often. this pillis a life saver. im going to continue using this pill to i reach my goal of 7 inches



29-Dec-2004 06:53:33 AM



I've been on this product about a month or so. It hasn't made me any longer, but I have notice a increase in thickness. What is even better is my staying power. I used to pop pretty quick, but now I last for hours. Last night I got my girlfriend off so much she lost count. If I can do that now, I can't wait until I use up all the pills. She'll never want to leave my bed



21-Dec-2004 03:29:09 PM


Great product, been using it for about 3 months and have seen about 1 inch growth so far.



11-Nov-2004 02:35:36 PM


I did not expect any size gains when I ordered. I was more interested in increasing my libido, which happened.



23-Jul-2004 07:45:27 PM



I had a few serious problems before I started the VigRX Plus. I had a small penis measuring about 4.5 inches. I also had a weak erection that would seem to always let me down at the wrong times. I started taking VigRX Plus and instantly noticed that my erections were harder and more often. Then around the second month I noticed that my penis was fatter and thicker.



20-Jul-2004 06:52:37 AM


Been on this pill for three months. Not sure gained any in size or not, but my partner, she cums more often recently when we make love. She never liked that before. So I may continue to use the pills if they make her happier



19-Jul-2004 09:55:02 PM

I've been using VigRX Plus pills combined with exercises and in less than 3 months have realized a 1.125" gain in length and 0.75" gain in girth.



09-Jun-2004 01:32:48 PM



I have been using pharmaceutical impotence drugs for almost a year now. They worked ok for me but I had to plan to take it one hour before sex and it did not prevent premature ejaculation. I decide to try out this pill and found that it works better than many pills that my doctor prescribe me. I have natural, hard erections on demand and I even gained size




03:21:22 PM 


I have tried other prescription pills and products and had little to no success. Iíve been taking this pill now for the last 3 months and can see a noticeable difference in our intimacy levels. My wife love the new one of me




08:30:19 PM 


Iíve played on and off with pumps, weights, and exercises for the last few years and have never gained one centimeter. I began VigRX Plus 3 months ago and gained about 1 inch.




06:27:36 AM 

Good pills! I've gained 1" in length and 0.5" in girth within two months! My new girlfriend is really impressed with my size and stamina




07:45:18 PM 



I thought penis pills were a joke. The only reason I tried VigRX Plus is because many of my friends were saying it worked for them and I felt a little left out. I would joke around with them that I didn't need it and that I was well hung already but I am only 5.4" and I think that I was pretty big considering my height. I went ahead and ordered some and tried it for two months and I was stunned. My penis was about 5-6 inches to start and in two months I measured up to 7 inches. I went ahead and kept on taking it for a total of 4 months nonstop and I measure just over 7.5 inches now when I have a hardon. I noticed my penis isn't curved anymore either which seemed to really add to the length..."




09:44:10 PM 



I was quite small to begin with. I tried the VigRX Plus penis pill for 8 weeks and noticed a 15% increase in size. Also my erections were much larger and the staying power was incredible. My whole life I have always been afraid to get undressed in front of a woman but not anymore!


Finn Hans


06:33:03 PM 

I gained a little over an inch from this pill (a real inch not an imaginary inch - I measure) and feel like my sex life is turbocharged. I got what I wanted and couldn't ask for more. I tried at least 10 other big products and gained nothing from them.




07:46:55 AM 


I'm just ending my first two months and already see a difference. I have grown 3/4 of an inch and have noticed that I have also become thicker. Wait and see what occurs in the next two months.




09:50:23 PM 





I used a penis pump for almost 6 months and it works magic if you use it an hour before sex. I'm lucky if I can plan sex a week in advance much less and hour, so, I looked around and saw VigRX Plus. I had tried all the ' vigor and virility ' pills before, but they never made me bigger as they stated. I decided to try VigRX Plus and took it daily while still using my pump anyway to see if anything happened. At first, I didn't notice much difference but I read that the pills should be taken for 2-4 months for best results. Well, after abut 4 or 5 weeks, I noticed my penis looked ' pumped ' more and more each day and all day long (flaccid or erect). At first it startled me because it looked swollen but didn't hurt at all. It was hard too - not puffy or soft like it is for a hour after pumping. I kept it up for a whole 4 months and thought man this is unbelievable. I know the pump could not do it alone, but the two together produced exactly what I wanted. I gained about 1.1 inches in length and like an 0.6 in width.



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