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 Penis Enlargement Pills Reviews - ProSolution


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01-Apr-2007 03:25:50 AM


My sex life is so different now because of this pill. I walk taller and feel much more satisfying to the ladies.



23-Feb-2007 01:13:45 PM


I've tried a lot of other pills who make big claims and promises, and ProSolution really delivered results. I'm almost 60 years old and never have had a large penis and at my age can use all the help I can get. I really wasn't expecting a whole lot. Man-o-man was I shocked. My penis increase two inches in length for 3 months.



26-Nov-2006 05:46:37 PM


The first two months I saw some interesting developments; my penis was actually larger. I was very optimistic for future growth, but that is when the positive turned to a negative. I DID NOT receive any further penis enlargement from my continued use of ProSolution.


Kevin B

29-Jul-2006 08:30:55 PM


I was soooo relieved to finally find something that did what is said and I am happier than ever.


Colin, CA

22-Mar-2006 07:33:32 PM



ProSolution is good. Now my d--k hangs half way down my thigh when I'm not even excited and it looks hard all-the time. The head is fuller and I can feel much deeper penetration during sex. I last 10x longer and it feels really good when you ejaculate. My girl says she can feel a lot of energy coming off during sex and is screaming in pitches I've never heard before - lol.



12-Nov-2005 11:03:52 AM



I was born with a small penis and it has remained that way all my life. I was one of those guys who waited until everyone was out of the shower before I would get in or I would skip it altogether.  I've been tugging, pulling, adding weights and on and on. Nothing helped. After two months taking this pill I could measure the difference. A half-inch in both directions! Now this morning as I lay in bed, and this is for real, I measured 6 and 4".



11-Jun-2005 11:07:35 AM


I tried ProSolution and it works very little. Maybe the gains are 1/3 or 1/2 of an inch, not several inches as they promise.



22-Apr-2005 04:50:11 PM



I was born with a small dick. My dad has a small dick. So I assumed that a small dick was genetic and my bad luck. My last girlfriend even left me and that bitch gossiped to her friends that I was 'Mr. Half Pint'. This motivated me to buy ProSolution.  My new girlfriend has never made such accusations.  She just tells me how nice of a penis I have and thanks me for her orgasms.  The intensity of my own orgasms has even increased. So not only do I get her off - I get off better!


Ted Morri

15-Jan-2005 09:45:19 PM


I tried ProSolution and after 3 months my girlfriend made a few comments about the hardness of my penis.  She joking asked what I was eating to make myself so hard, I just smiled and kept my secret…



17-Nov-2004 01:20:57 PM


I used to use Viagra but my wallet couldn’t take it! Besides, this pill is much safer 'cause it is all natural. My sexual health is up there with the 20 year olds.



26-Oct-2004 05:46:37 AM


After about 5 weeks I did notice some increase in my libido or sexual energy. However, the best part of the pill is that my erection size increased about an inch during that time.



19-Oct-2004 06:58:36 PM


My penis has grown by at least 0.5". Its just truly amazing how popping a few pills could do this. In terms of my confidence its gone through the roof. Its made a dramatic change to my personality.



11-Oct-2004 03:34:12 PM


My husband has been using ProSolution for just over four months now and I have to say its made a tremendous change to our sex life. Not only has the size of his penis grown which has greatly increased the sensation of making love for both of us but his erection is harder and last allot longer.



01-Sep-2004 02:40:39 PM


I was I little skeptical at first but I decided to give these pills a go. Within 9 weeks my penis grew by half an inch but the hardness and staying power was just fantastic. My girlfriend thought I was on Viagra.



16-Aug-2004 03:20:47 AM


My husband Chris has always known how to turn me on, but since he started using ProSolution, we are now at age 45, and having the best sex of our lives. ProSolution has really kicked our love making into high gear!


Alex NDC

13-Aug-2004 01:08:42 PM


I gained 1.5 inches with ProSolution! I have a solid 8 inches now and my girlfriend calls me big boy. She says she has never been with a guy so well endowed and that she didn’t realize what she was missing out on. I feel much sexier now with my larger equipment



26-Jun-2004 05:46:34 AM


This product is meant for penis enlargement and simply said, it doesn't deliver. No gains during the trial period, and the guarantee expired when the trial period was over.



19-May-2004 08:25:52 PM


This product has completely re-built my self confidence. I would not believe it unless I had seen it for my self. I am very impressed with ProSolution.




01:55:39 AM 


It's literally like a rocket ship now! This penis pill is really working. I'm even waking up every morning now with an erection like I used to years ago.



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