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 Maximizing Your Penis Enlargement Results


2 ways to enlarge penis fast!

Extenders to enlarge penis See: Top 5 Penis Extenders
Pills to enlarge penis See: Top 5 Penis Enlargement Pills


Here are a few tips that we would like to share with you so that can you can maximize your penis enlargement results


 Attitude and Belief

Your attitude and belief regarding the techniques presented in our guide are just as important as the actual techniques themselves.

If you use these techniques with the attitude: “This is bullshit! I am stuck with a 5 1/2 cock forever!” Or “It won’t work for me, I will never be able to have a big penis size!", the results will respond accordingly. How can you expect to have a big cock when you are planning for a small one!


The attitude you need to have is that it will work and, “I have a big cock!” and “I will surely have a big penis” Say it now! SAY IT OUT LOUD! And believe it.

We are going to share with you the key to success in anything!


“What ever it is you want, you have to feel as though you already have it!”


What this means is that if you want a big cock size, you have to feel as though your cock is already big. Say I have a BIG COCK! Say it until you FEEL IT! In your gut, in your spirit, in your soul, and then you will feel it in your body, then you will feel you really have a big cock. So say it again now: "I have a BIG COCK!"

 Relax and Clear Your Mind


As you workout each day, don't use that time to think about work, a fight you had with your partner or all the things you'll have to do once you're finished the workout. This is your time that you should devote entirely to yourself for enhancing your own life, so give it the attention it deserves.


Be sure to perform the exercises somewhere relaxing and comfortable, with good support for your back. Turn on some soothing music and block out all of the negative and distracting thoughts in your mind.


 Breathe Deeply


Many users have told us that a few moments of deep breathing during the warm up allows them to shift gears from thinking about the details of their busy lives to focusing on their own personal goals for growth. As you apply the hot wrap, you consciously clear your mind of everything - including worries, work, and relationships.


Whenever a thought pops into your mind, just calmly push it out and focus on your breathing.

Inhale through your nose for a slow count to 15. Concentrate on the breath and your slow count, and this will help you to block out other thoughts. Hold for a few seconds, and exhale through your mouth slowly, taking 10-15 to fully exhale. Repeat this deep breathing until your wrap cools.




 Focus on Your Penis While You Exercise


Focus on your penis every time you stretch, lengthen or stroke your penis. With each stroke, focus on the sensation of your penis extending outward.

It is the quality with which you execute each exercise that matters, not the quantity of repetitions you perform. We have streamlined our workout for maximum efficiency; however, for optimal results, you will really need to focus on performing each repetition the very best that you can.


 Other Tips

  • Drink water...lots of it. Hydration is key to your body’s proper function.
  • Good sexual activity is important, though not in excessive doses. This is either sex or masturbation. Your penis needs to be used and filled with blood, just as it is when you do the exercises. Every time you ejaculate your penis reaches its most erect state, which will only help it expand and grow in time with the exercises. Remember also that too much sex or masturbation lowers your energy level and depletes your vitamin and nutritional intake. Unfortunately, too much is really a bad thing.

  • Any anaerobic exercise (exercise that causes you to breathe heavily, which builds muscle and burns fat) is good for your body and for your penis. It will keep the blood level high, and will keep your penis large and able to perform very well.




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