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 Penis Enlargement Pills Reviews - Longitude  


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13-Nov-2003 03:20:47 AM


My problem with Longitude was that I could not receive any return communication from them, either by phone or email. The only line you could get through was the order line. Also when you order off their web site, you have NO CHOICE but to be enrolled in automatic shipments with automatic credit card billing. To make matters worse, it was extremely difficult to cancel these automatic billings because teh customer service phone number was always busy. Longitude costs about $80 for a 30-day supply.



13-Oct-2003 01:08:42 PM


I tried Longitude for 5 months and had no success, called them to get there money back garranty and got laughed at this is a really fucked up company and I would not use any product from this company again this company is Brekley and they suck  



25-Aug-2003 05:38:32 AM 


I don't know about the others but this pill work fine for me. Gained 2 inches just within 3 months!



26-May-2003 05:46:34 PM


I tried Longitude for about 4 months, and didn't get any new penis size from it. Thats my 2 cents.  



12-Apr-2003 04:45:08 PM


This product is ridiculous and a sure waste of time and money.



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